Bob Bowers

Bike: KTM 250xc
Series: AMA/District 36 & AMA National Hare Scrambles
Class: Expert
Goal: Win Class Races and Championships.
Residence: Corralitas, CA
Email: [email protected]

“Thank you for clicking on me today”

Well the story goes like this… Bob started riding while some of you were still swimmers and the rest were most likely in diapers… Bob has been racing longer than most of you reading this have lived… Whew… And has Bobby seen changes… Just Think Bobby Blaster Bowers has been riding/racing since 1965 and was a true part of the birthing process of Motocross duking it out with all those crazy Europeans. As Motocross took hold in the 1960’s it had a long labor as it grew in America. Motocross gatherd a huge amount of steam and popularity through out the 1970’s. After Bob had his fill of strait MX he decided to venture in to the great outdoors by riding the D36 enduros in the 1980’s and 1990’s. By 2003 he was ready to check out the D36 X-Country Racing Scene and has since won many Races and Championships including being the current champion of the A Masters Class. Bobby B is usually the first one to draw blood on the trail and trust me he takes no prisoners, so look out! Mr. Bowers is a muti-talented sports enthusiast excelling in, Horse Shoes, Twister, Ping Pong, Cherokee Tribal Dance and Margarita Blend-Offs. Oh Let’s not forget one of the other reasons we call Bowers the Blaster… just get Bob out on the Racquetball court when the looser buys the beverages… This is when Bobby puts a whipping on John Moore so he can get him to break loose of some greenbacks and buy the beers for a change…

Bob brings a terrific joy to the CKR Crew. When you see his truly beautiful Bowers smile and know how much he truly enjoys this fine sport and life itself we can’t say enough about how important he is to the CKR effort. Big Hearted Bob is either the first to cry or certainly make others shed tears of laughter, why I’ve gotten my share of belly aches from him. Bob is a true inspiration to all of us and we thank him for being a true part of what makes CKR the truly deep rooted team it is today.