Brian Toline

Bike: Suzuki RM 250
Series: AMA/District 36 & AMA National Hare Scrambles
Class: Expert
Goal: Win Class Races and Championships.
Residence: Watsonville, CA
Email: [email protected]
Brian Toline has been taking apart, riding and racing dirt bikes from the time he became a teenager. Brian Started riding/racing in the local motocross scene and became quite a force and was branded with his current handle “Too Big”. After fulfilling his Motocross ambitions Brian turned his attention to the off road world. At first Brian thought, “this won’t be challenging for me, I am Mr. Too Big ya know”. As Brian entered into the world off off-road he often wondered what he was doing out on the trial, with all the ruts, rocks, logs, creeks, bears, cliffs, steep down hills, deer, mud, sand, hill climbs and wild pigs… However, as Brian became familiar with his new surroundings he started going fast, i mean really fast out on the trail. I had asked Brian how he could go such blazing speeds and he said “I go that fast because I’m scared”, he said… With all the wild native animals, rough terrain and the thought of being lost I can understand his motivation. Of course he turned this excuse into real racing speed and has not looked back since but has won many a race with this strategy.
In all seriousness Brian is an expert rider with more talent in his little pinkie than most of us have in our whole body. Brian has the amazing ability to come off the couch and race with the “big-dogs” and take the win. Brian has done this on many occasions.
Most recently Brian has been concentrating his skills on his two boys, Tyler and Jakob. It’s a full time job for Brian in getting Tyler and Jakob to their gate times, servicing the bikes to keep them in race ready condition and maintaining the motor-home and camping gear. As the boys get older they will help out more and more with this so Too Big will feel like he has time to race now and then. Maybe even trying for a class Championship some time soon…