John Sicley

Bike: KTM 300XC, KTM 505XC
Series: AMA/District 36 & AMA National Hare Scrambles, HHORA.
Class: Expert and or Pro class (if he’s in the mood)
Goal: Win Class Races, Win Class Championships and Overalls
Residence: Hollister, CA
Email: don’[email protected]
John is “The Rocky Balboa” of Dirt Bike Riding/Racing.  He has proven he is the toughest of them all over and over again… John has so many 1st place trophies he had to rent a storage unit just to hold them all.  Sis’s feet might be off the pegs as he flys by you during a race as he’s known to let it all hang out at times.  Don’t kid yourself though in all seriousness John Sicley is an expert rider with a giant set of skills to run with the pro’s.  We certainly apprciate John’s unique sense of humor and he is the first to congradulate all the other riders on their accomplishments.  Thank you Mr. Sicely for making riding with you so enjoyable and setting the race standards that most of us would like to aspire to. Yo–Rock on Brother…