Josh Poggi

Bike: KTM 300 XC-W
Series: AMA/D-36 & AMA National Hare Scrambles, HHORA, NCO racing, VCGP
Class: Expert
Goals: Consistency! To win/trophy the Vet A class and win the class championship
Residence: Pacifica Ca.
Hobbies: My family, softball, camping, poker
District#: 464p
Age: 37
Occupation: Stationary Engineer in S.F.
Email: [email protected]
Sponsors: CKR, AXO, FMF, EVS, Cycle Gear, Factory Effex, Regina USA, and my family

Accomplishments: 1997  Old Crow HS overall winner C class

                            1999  Donner Ski Run HS overall winner B class

                            2001  #20 overall D36 cross country series

                            2002   #2 overall D36 Open A class

                            2003   #3 overall D36 Open A class

                            2007   VCGP 4th Vet Expert

                            2007   Outlaw HS 3rd Vet Expert

                            2008   VCGP 5th Vet Expert

                            2009   Old Crow HS 4th Vet Expert

                            2009   Outlaw HS 4th Vet Expert

                            2009   VCGP 5th Open Expert

                            2010   6 Hour Hollister Marathon 1st place Over 35 Expert with Kelly Knipe & John Pontes