Mat Piro

Bike: Yamaha YZF 450,
Series: HHORA, 4X4 Hill Climber
Class: Fitness Intermediate, Skill Expert
Goal: Win Class Races.
Residence: Los Gatos, CA
Email: [email protected]
Mr. Piro loves to ride… This is easily understood… on many a camping trip you will find out that while the rest of us sleep Mat is out “night riding” all night…  Mr. Piro has been riding dirt bikes since he was just a boy. Take a step forward and you might remember him dressed as Evel Knievel a few years back, however don’t kid yourself I think deep inside Piro is Evels reincarnation every time he swings a leg over.  It’s great having Mat as as part of the CKR effort.  We look forward to Mat coming back to the racing scene in the near future.
Don’t let this master of Ceremonies fool you… Mat has Skills and can ride just about anywhere, I have witnessed it. And Piro can ride Doug Domokos style wheelies like you wouldn’t believe… CKR has seen his flesh and blood from his wild rides as he fears no evel… Never a dull moment when Piro is in the house!