Michael Brumit

Bike: KTM 200XC, Honda 250CRF
Series: AMA/District 36 & AMA National Hare Scrambles, Flat Track and HHORA.
Class: Intermediate (soon to be expert)
Goal: Win Class Races, Someday win class Championship.
Residence: Aromas, CA
Email: [email protected]
List of bikes: 2008 KTM 200xc, 2006 Honda Crf250r (gee im doin’ without)
Dream Bike: 2010 KTM 350sxf
Riding Disciplines: XC, MX, ST, TT
Favorite Sponsor: My dad, CKR
Other hobbies: Video games, Bicycles
Favorite places to ride: Hollister Hills, Metcalf
Favorite place to race: Wilseyville, Metcalf
Comments: I hear that Mike Brumit guy is a cheater (lol)
Future goals: WIN a race…for once…
DOB: 9/27/93
As of 2010 CKR has noted a big change with Michael Brumit… he is no longer a boy but a young man who now rides like the wind.  Michael will be riding past most of us soon and we wish him the best of luck and believe his Goal to win a race is not too far out in the distance.