Paul Van Horsen

Bike: KTM 250XC, KTM 450xcf-w
Series: AMA/District 36 & AMA National Hare Scrambles, Endurocross, Enduros and HHORA.
Class: Expert
Goal: Win Class Races, Someday win class Championship.
Residence: Scotts Valley, CA
Email: [email protected]
Paul is an expert Rider and as you’d expect riding at or near the top of his class. He is not afraid to try much on two wheels and a joy to ride with. On a Motocross Course don’t be Surprised when the orange flash goes by you! What a great force Van Horsen is on the CKR effort and it’s much appreciated. He is an experienced rider and mechanic so his help in the pits, MX tips and over all enthusiasm for the sport is contagious. Here is the rest of the story from Paul…
My current rides are:

2008 KTM 250 SX – Custom CKR graphics by PowerSport Graphics, outfitted with Ohlins suspension, Dunlop tires, Scotts Steering Stabilizer, JD Jetting and FMF Exhaust

2009 KTM 450 XC-W – Custom graphics by PowerSport Graphics, Outfitted with Race Tech suspension, Dunlop tires, GPR Steering Stabilizer, JD Jetting and FMF powercore exhaust.

The 250SX is my primary race bike for Cross Country and MX courses. The 450 is utilized for desert races and Grand Prix events. My dream bike would without a doubt be a Factory Suzuki RMZ450. When I was growing up I was always a Suzuki faithful and I still have a bit of passion for the yellow bikes.

My competition events of choice are Cross Country courses, but it’s always great to get back on the MX courses and get some air time.

With all the events I compete in the costs really start to add up. Without the support of my sponsors it would be much harder to attend all the events that I do. Special thanks go out to CKR, Moore & Son’s Motorcycles, Moto 911, PowerSport Graphics, 661 Racing, Motorex Oils & Dunlop Tires.

Throughout the years I have been lucky enough to be able to ride in different areas throughout California, Nevada and Minnesota. My all time favorite motocross track would have to be Millville, MN. The terrain there is second to none and the course was incredibly challenging. On the west coast the most epic area I have been to was the Big Boot trail ride in Northern California. This was a 2 day ride throughout the redwoods in loamy fern filled soil that just begged to be roosted on. Although the terrain was awesome and sometimes breath taking, spending the weekend riding and sharing the experience with Kane, Michael and Jimmy made it a ride that will never be forgotten. In Nevada Moon Rocks and Pine Nuts are at the top of all riding areas.

In 2005 when I started riding again after 14 years of being off of dirt bikes, my skills were rusty to say the least. The CKR riders patiently waited for me on trail’s, helped me pull my bike back onto the trail when I went over the edge and guided me to becoming a skilled rider. Watching and riding with Kane, Michael, Jimmy and Sicley over the past few years has brought me to a riding level I never thought I would be at. It’s always a pleasure to ride with the CKR Team!

Goals for the future are to keep riding, experience as many new riding areas as I can, spend time with friends and keep the passion of riding alive in all who enjoy motorcycles.