Travis Coy

Name: Travis Micheal Coy
Team: Mcon Racing
Current Residence: Boulder Creek, CA
Date of Birth: 01-07-1990
Height / Weight: 5’11 / 160 lbs
Hobbies: Jet Ski, Workouts,
Goals: Top 3 in Pro2,
Bike: Honda 450
Mechanic: Bryan Ciraolo
Series: WORCS, Enduro Cross
Class: 450 A, Pro2
Number: 452
Email: [email protected]

Travis Coy has worked his way into competing in the pro class over the last few years. Travis surfs the dirt just as a Pro Santa Cruz Surfer takes to the waves. It’s a “thing of beauty” to watch Travis in action carving great lines and sailing through the air. He is one of the nicest riders on the track so don’t hesitate to get an autograph or ask him for some riding tips. CKR wishes Travis all the best in the W.O.R.C.S, Endurocross Series and the other Pro Races he attends.